We can help you with work visa application if you have a job offer letter from an overseas employer.

You can migrate to Australia & Canada via general skilled migration, Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Australia Immigration: General Skilled Migration (189/190/491) Head Start Visa Canada Immigration: Express Entry Scheme Migrant Ready Services Germany Immigration:  Jobseeker Visa for Germany

We can help you with
• University Admissions
• Application
• Documentation
• Country Specific Admissions
• IELTS & PTE Coaching

We can help you apply for
• Family sponsored Visas
• Spouse Visa
• Student Dependent Visa
• Visit Visa
• Student – Open Work Permit Visa for Canada



Australia, Canada, New Zealand and a number of other countries offer options for those who want to settle as permanent residents. But before you apply, you need to be sure that you actually qualify in accordance to the latest regulations. 7AmPm Services offers a technical evaluation for those looking to migrate. This is a mandatory requirement as it allows us to be sure that you actually qualify for immigration & keeps our success rate high. If your evaluation is positive, 7AmPm Services will accept your case for processing. If your evaluation report is negative, 7AmPm Services will give you a complimentary report for another country. Most immigration programs are point based & the Eligibility Report is an elaborate document that contains your Score Card.

Currently, the following countries offer migration:

• Australia
• Canada
• New Zealand

Each country has its own list of occupations in demand. Is your occupation on the list? Find out now.

How we work? The first stage of the immigration process is to get an evaluation of your profile. If your evaluation report is positive, it is recommended that you proceed. After you have signed up for our full service, you are assigned a process consultant who will work on your case. Filing for your immigration visa involves many stages and paperwork before the final application. Sometimes English or French language tests or Education or Skills Assessment is needed. 7AmPm Services represent and handholds you through the process, advises you on what is needed, prepares your application, if required, before a complete set is handed over to you.

Settling abroad in one of the world’s leading countries is one of the most life changing things you can do. Some of the biggest reasons people settle abroad are:

• Better salary and job prospects
• Greater standard of living
• More stable political environment
• Vibrant multicultural cities
• Better healthcare and education environment
• Better life for children
• Bring more members of their family abroad

Why should you choose 7AmPm Services Consultants? Because nobody knows overseas careers like we do. Nobody! Because 50% of our clients are referrals. Because we have the highest success rate & are the largest immigration, visa and overseas career consulting company in the world!


Are you looking to study abroad? We can help you with your admissions & visas

Start your admission process now Give life to your dreams of an overseas education and career with 7AmPm services. We help you identify the best universities and courses to choose from, in the countries where you have the best prospects of a career.


Applying for a Student Visa? Would you be able to impress the Visa Officer that you are a genuine candidate; have the financial resources and will return home? When a whole career is at stake then, don’t take a Chance. Because if you do, you not only lose the application money, the time and effort you spent but also one whole year! By using 7AmPm services Professional Student Visa Services you can be sure that you did not leave anything to chance.

Already graduated abroad Are you looking to stay back and work rather than return home? Graduating international students are encouraged to stay back and gain work experience under various visa categories. 7AmPm services can help you apply for the right visa, market your skills, successfully apply for jobs and help you find work.


Applying for a Visa? Don’t take a chance. Use 7AmPm Services to get it right the first time.


Permanent Residency (PR) Visas PR Visas allow you and your family to work & settle overseas – permanently. Immigration & PR Visas are available for skilled & qualified professionals, for families and for investors. A PR visa allows you and your family to live, work & settle overseas. Benefits include free education for children, medical & retirement benefits. You can work with any employer or start your own business. 7AmPm Services has helped 1000s of clients migrate and we can help you. Talk to us about your options today!

Want to Work Overseas

Whether you want to travel abroad to find a job or want a work visa for a job offer in hand, 7AmPm Services can help you.

Not only are we among the world’s best immigration companies, but we are the leading work overseas company in India.

Start now to get a work visa quickly and affordably!

Applying for a Student Visa?

When a whole career is at stake then, don’t take a Chance.

By using 7AmPm Services Professional Student Visa Services you can be sure that you did not leave anything to chance.

Planning a holiday overseas?

Should you apply for a visa before leaving the country or can you get a visa on arrival? We can help. 7AmPm Services processes all categories of visas for all countries.

By choosing 7AmPm Services Visa Services you increase the probability of getting your visa and making your holiday happen.

Applying for your spouse & children?

Most visas allow you to bring your family in as dependents. The rules are complex.

We have 10 years of experience in processing thousands of visas and will provide detailed information & guidance in making a successful application.

Are you eligible to apply for the UK settlement visa?

Do you want to bring your spouse/dependents to live with you in the UK?

We have the expertise of having processed Tier 1/ FLR/ ILR applications and can help you settle permanently in the UK.


Been refused your visa?

Has your visa application been rejected?

Don’t give up. We can help you make a successful appeal.

We have the expertise and specialize in cases with prior rejections and have a very high success rate.