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Australian State Nomination

What is state nomination?

State nomination helps you to obtain a skilled migration visa from the Australian Government. The Australian State Government nominates skilled migrants who are willing to live and work in an Australian state and who have the skills and experience required by the state.

To receive State nomination you must have an occupation nominated / Sponsored by a state and meet all the state and federal Government’s eligibility requirements.

Apart for this there are some additional requirements you might need to meet depending on your situation.

What are the benefits of State nomination?
The benefits of state nomination are:

  • An opportunity to live and work in the cities ranked highest most liveable in the world.
  • Information and services from the State Government to help you settle in and find employment.
  • You’ll receive 5 points for a 190 – Skilled Nominated visa towards the DIBP points test.
  • You’ll receive 10 points for a 489- Skilled Regional Provisional visa towards the DIBP points test.
  • Priority visa processing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  • Access to a more extensive occupation list.
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